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Distance MBA Colleges

Distance MBA Colleges in India 2022

Distance MBA Colleges

While few students can enroll in or afford the costs of a regular course, MBA is one of the most popular courses. The best option, in this case, is to complete an MBA remotely.

If completed at a recognized institution, an MBA program is officially recognized by UGC. Only a few Indian universities, though, are authorized to offer MBA programs online.

Due to their busy schedules, lack of time, or inability to afford it, aspirants who are unable to pursue an MBA through the traditional route may do so through distance learning.

Many of the top Institutes have started to offer UGC-certified MBA courses with a certificate without having to attend regular classes over time, taking into account the significance and convenience of distance learning for MBA programs. Here in this blog you will deeply understand Distance MBA Colleges in India 2022.

Many choose to enroll in a correspondence or distance learning MBA program. Online, correspondence, or distance learning MBA programs do not require students to regularly attend class. As a result, people need to know which Indian universities will be accepting distance learners in 2022.

There are many top distances learning MBA colleges and universities in India. Along with their core subjects, all these colleges also offer distance MBA specializations. You can learn about the top distance MBA schools in India or the best distance MBA schools in India in this article.


Course nameApproved ByAdvantagesJob OpportunitiesReqd. Key skills
Online  MBA       Distance/Correspondence MBA     Part-time MBAUGC- DEBAICTENAACNIRFMore flexible and affordable.Portfolio managers.Corporate associate.Senior executive finance analysts employee relation manager.Digital media manager.Credit risk manager.Brand managers etc.  Interpersonal communication.Leadership.Logical reasoning.Communication.Strategic thinking.Teamwork.Problem-solving.Time management.

Admission to Distance MBA Colleges 2022

The July 2022 batch of distance MBA admissions is now open. You could always enroll in a well-known distance MBA university. The best distance MBA schools in India, the MBA distance curriculum, and the specializations should all be reviewed first. Online applications are accepted for admission to the best distance learning MBA programs in India.

Indian MBA Specializations.

India’s top 20 MBA specializations.

Students struggle to decide which MBA specialization to pursue their distance MBA because there are so many options available. The top 20 specializations for a distance MBA in India are listed below. Students may select based on their interests, work preferences, and job responsibilities.

1. MBA in Finance
2. MBA in Information Technology.
3. MBA in Insurance Business Management.
4. MBA in Energy Management
5. MBA in Pharmaceutical Management
6. MBA in Sustainability Management.
7. MBA in International Business
8. MBA in Marketing Management
9. MBA in Human Resource Management
10. MBA in Logistics Management
11. MBA in Entrepreneurship.
12. MBA in Rural Management
13. MBA in Business Management.
14. MBA in Event Management
15. MBA in Family Managed Business
16. MBA in Agri-business Management.
17. MBA in Operations Management
18. MBA in Infrastructure Management.
19. MBA in Healthcare Management
20. MBA in Business Analytics

Curriculum for MBAs vs. Specialization

Core SubjectsCore SubjectsCore SubjectsCore SubjectsCore Subjects
Finance.Investment Analysis and Portfolio ManagementBanking & Financial Services  Fixed Income Securities & Derivatives  Advanced Financial management.Corporate Finance
Human resource management.Fundamentals of Human Resource Management.Human Resource Metrics and Analytics   Human Resource Planning.Employee Reward Management  Strategic Human Resource Management  
Information technology.IT outsourcing strategy and operations.IT project management.Technology entrepreneurshipIT strategic planning.E-business
Logistics management.Economics and management decisions.Marketing managementIntroduction to supply chain management and logistics.Human resource management.Global supply chain management.
Marketing managementAdvertising management.Business marketing.Product and brand management.Analytical marketing.Retailing management
Business management.Managerial economics.Businesses statistics.Human resource management.Business law.Marketing management
Rural management.Microfinance.Social entrepreneurship.Legal environment.International trade.Development theories and practices.
Healthcare management.Financial and cost accounting for hospitals.Material management.Business policy and strategic management.Human resource management.Health service management.
Event managementEvent logistics.Event accountingBrand management.Advertising.Public relations.
Operations management.Supply chain management.Operations research.International logistics.Marketing managementProject management.
Business analytics.Data modelling.Financial accounting.Statistical analysis.Business. intelligence.Big data analytics.

Top 20 Distance MBA Colleges in India

There are numerous Indian colleges that offer students distance MBA programs. However, there aren’t many of India’s top distance learning MBA universities or the best distance learning MBA universities. The top 10 distance MBA colleges in Delhi NCR and the top 20 distance/online MBA universities are listed in the table below. There are numerous Indian colleges that offer students distance MBA programs. However, there aren’t many of India’s top distance learning MBA universities or the best distance learning MBA universities. The top 10 distance MBA colleges in Delhi NCR and the top 20 distance/online MBA universities are listed in the table below.

S.No.Name of the College/University.Course.Fees (semester)
1Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies (NMIMS)PGD- business management.PGD- Human resource management- supply chain management marketing management- International Trade Management- human resource management PGD- banking and finance.50,000/-(Approx)
2University of Petroleum and Energy Studies (UPES), Dehradun.MBA25,000/-(Approx)
3Chandigarh University.MBA.17,000/-(Approx)
4Institute of Management Technology, Centre for Distance Learning.PGDP.MBA26,000/-(Approx)
5Lovely Professional University.PGDM, MBA15,000/-(Approx)
6Symbiosis Centre for Distance LearningPGDM14,000/-(Approx)
7Indira Gandhi National Open University.MBA.14,500/-(Approx)
8SRM University, ChennaiMBA.18,000/-(Approx)
9Amity University Distance Learning.MBA.   Master of Financial management.   PGD70,000/-(Approx)
10MIT School of Distance Education.PGD business administration.PGD energy management.20,000/-(Approx)
11Annamalai UniversityMBA7,000/-(Approx)
12Maharshi Dayanand University, Rohtak.MBA.18,500/-(Approx)
13Bharathidasan University, Centre for distance learning.MBA.15,000/-(Approx)
14GITAM- centre for Distance Learning, Vishakhapatnam.MBA15,000/-(Approx)
15Jain University, Bangalore.MBA49,000/-(Approx)
16Suresh Gyan ViharUniversity.MBA.20,000/-(Approx)
17Andhra University,CDL.MBA.25,000-30,000 per annum approx
18Jagannath University, Jaipur.MBA.7,000/-(Approx)
19Acharya Nagarjuna University, Andhra Pradesh.MBA12,000/-(Approx)
20LN Welingkar Institute of ManagementPGDM15,000/-(Approx)

Criteria for Admission to a Distance MBA Colleges

The college or university where the course is pursued determines the distance MBA eligibility requirements. An online, correspondence or distance MBA typically lasts two years. The distance MBA eligibility requirements are shown in the table below.

obtaining a degree from an accredited university.
Having work experience is advantageous, but it’s not always required.
On the basis of the MBA entrance exam, some institutions offer admission to the MBA distance programme. A few of these tests are ATMA, CAT, MAT, XAT, CMAT, and GMAT.
On the other hand, other institutions use their own entrance exam to admit students to the MBA distance programme.

Delhi NCR’s Top 10 Distance MBA Colleges

There are numerous Indian colleges that offer students distance MBA programmes. However, there aren’t many top distance learning MBA programmes in India or the best distance learning MBA programmes in India. The top 10 distance MBA colleges in Delhi NCR and top 10 distance MBA online universities are listed in the table below.

S.NDistance MBA University  Location
1Chandigarh UniversityPunjab
4Jain (JGI) Deemed to be UniversityBangalore
5University of Petroleum and Energy Studies (UPES)Dehradun
6Institute of Management Technology, Centre for Distance LearningGhaziabad
7Symbiosis Centre for Distance LearningPune
8AMITY UniversityNoida
9Manipal UniversityJaipur
10LN Welingkar Institute of ManagementMumbai

Top MBA candidate recruiters

Based on their knowledge and practical skills, MBA graduates are sought after by the top recruiters in India. The Times of India reports that the employment rate for MBA graduates has significantly increased despite the ongoing pandemic. The following are the top employers of MBA graduates worldwide:

The best recruiters for MBA candidates worldwide.

The rank of the Recruiter.Company Name
Third.Bain and company.
FourthBCG (Boston Consulting Group)

Leading Indian employers of MBA candidates

The rank of the Recruiter.Company Name
First.Tata Consultancy Services.
SecondReliance Industries limited.
FourthGoogle India Private Limited.
FifthIntel technology India private limited.


Question:1 Why should I choose a distance learning MBA program?

Answer: A distance MBA is an option for students or working professionals who are unable to attend regular classes. Students who enroll in distance MBA programs have the freedom to study whenever and wherever they want.

Question:2 What is India’s top distance learning MBA university?

Answer: There are several well-known distance MBA universities. The Institute of Management Technology, the Center for Distance Learning, LPU, the MIT School of Distance Education, and others are some of the top distance MBA universities and colleges.

Question:3 Do well-known companies accept MBAs earned online?

Answer: The top companies will accept an MBA degree earned through a distance learning program from an accredited university.

Question:4 Do The IIMs offer any distance learning MBA programs?

Answer: The IIMs do not offer distance learning MBA programs.

Question5: What is the price range for distance learning MBA programs?

Answer: The costs of distance learning MBA programs typically range from $50,000 to $250,000 per year.

Question:6 Is there an entrance exam for the online MBA program?

Answer: Admission requirements for the distance MBA program vary between institutions and colleges. However, in general, MBA distance admission does not require an entrance exam at universities or colleges. However, some institutions include an entrance exam in their admissions procedure. For its distance learning MBA program, Indira Gandhi National Open University holds an entrance exam called OPENMAT.

Question:7  How are the MBA courses offered remotely taught?

Answer: In their distance MBA programmes, the top universities and colleges use an online or virtual mode of instruction.

Students are given books by the institutions, who then instruct them using e-learning, a digital library, online chats, and other similar techniques.

Question:8  How do I pick the best distance learning MBA university in India?

Answer: You should consider a number of factors when choosing India’s top distance learning MBA university. Take a look at the institution or university’s ranking first. Next, check to see if the university is approved by the Distance Education Council. Ultimately, when selecting the best distance MBA university in India, it is also important to consider the pedagogy and course curriculum.

Question:9 Do I need to submit my CAT results in order to be admitted to a distance learning MBA program?

Answer: Students must have graduated from an accredited university in order to be admitted to the distance MBA program. However, some universities also require applicants to be accepted based on their performance on the MBA entrance exam. These tests include the CAT, XAT, MAT, and ATMA, among others.

Question:10 What kinds of institutions are authorized to offer distance MBAs?

Answer: Four different institutions are permitted by the Ministry of HRD to offer distance MBA programs. The National Open University, also known as IGNOU, the Distance Education Institutions at Institutions of National Importance, the Distance Education Institutions at Stand-Alone Institutions, and State Open Universities are some of these institutions.

Question:11 Aside from the entrance exam, what other steps are there in the distance MBA admissions process?

Answer: In addition to the entrance exams, the selection process also entails a personal interview, group discussion, and evaluation of the candidate’s work history and profile (PI).

Question:12 List the benefits and drawbacks of enrolling in a distance learning MBA program.

Answer: The main benefits of enrolling in a distance MBA program are that it is flexible and easy to access. Additionally, a distance MBA enables students to save on both time and costs.

On the other hand, the main drawbacks of enrolling in a distance MBA program are that it does not give the students enough exposure to industry and job opportunities. Additionally, the placement chances aren’t quite as good for the distance MBA programs.

Question:13 Can the students in their distance MBA course interact with any professors or other students to get their questions answered?

Answer: Yes, technology enables students to interact with their instructors and fellow students to address their questions and doubts. They can talk to each other during their online classes, over the phone, in messages, or during video conferences.

Question:14 In order to enroll in a distance MBA program, do I need to physically deliver my application materials to the university?

Answer: No, the majority of the top distance MBA universities and colleges do not demand that applicants physically submit their application forms and supporting documentation. The application form filling process should, however, always be confirmed with the specific university or college.

Question: 15  Can distance MBA students join the regular students at the convocation ceremony?

Answer: The answer is that both regular students and distance MBA students attend the convocation ceremony. In order to participate in the ceremony at the institution, they must be present physically.

Question:16 How long does it take to finish the distance MBA course?

Answer: The minimum amount of time needed to complete the distance MBA program is typically two years. However, the length of time may vary between colleges.

Question:17 How will my distance MBA exams be administered?

Answer: Exams are written tests that distance learning MBA students take. This implies that in order to take your offline distance MBA exam, you must physically be present in the exam room. Universities now administer exams on a server-based online platform.

Question:18  How do I pay for the distance MBA course’s application and course fees?

Answer: Depending on your university and institute, you may have to pay your distance MBA course fees and application fees in a particular way. However, online payments are a common form of payment.

Question:19  Is there a difference in price between a regular MBA and a distance MBA?

Answer: No, the price of a regular MBA is significantly higher than the price of a distance MBA.

Question:20 How can I find out which colleges have been approved by UGC-DEB to offer a distance learning MBA program?

Answer: By visiting the official website at, you can find out if a specific college has been registered by the UGC DEB. You can view the PDF file of every Indian institution with UGC registration on this website.

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