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BBA (Bachelor In Business Administration)

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About the BBA Program

Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) is an undergraduate course that focuses on general management studies like HR management, organizational behavior, business communication, management skills, office/organization administration, finance management, business laws, business ethics, accounting, planning, international business, retail management, supply chain management, marketing, and operations management

Key Skills Learnt

  • Nurtures social consciousness.
  • Nurtures Critical thinking sense integral to the success of any Business.
  • Provides a strong base for management studies in the future.
  • Teaches students how to apply the basic principles of Communication to be effective in business messages, case analyses, and reports.
  • Develops an ethical awareness which is a highly coveted trait in modern business.
  • Helps understand the relevance of context in Business.

Advantage from IES

  • Get Face-to-Face Career Assessment
  • Combines your Distance Learning with Skills
  • Hassle-Free College Admission Assistance
  • Gain Access to Lifetime Career Support
  • Lifetime Placement Support Cell Access
  • Placement Support Cell
  • Duration – 2 years | Fees – ₹40,000-75000

Highlights of the course

  • Get Industry Ready
  • Get Managerial Roles
  • Learn To Lead
  • Study At Your Own Pace
  • Learn While You Earn
  • Flexible Years Of Completion
  • At Par With Mainstream Colleagues
  • Lifetime Counseling
  • Get Access To Online Course Materials
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