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Courses After 12th Science

Courses After 12th Science, Arts & Commerce – Career Options & Colleges

The 12th grade is the class that causes students the most stress. as students must begin a new life after finishing high school. If we think of life as a game, we finish the first level after passing class twelve. Students then move on to the second stage, which is the career-building stage, after passing class twelve. You can learn more about the various career options available after class 12 by reading this interesting blog post on Courses after 12th Science, Arts & Commerce – Career Options & Colleges.

While deciding on the best course for them, candidates frequently have the following questions on their minds:

  • Should I choose a well-known course?
  • Irrespective of their stream, should I pick a professional course that will equip me with knowledge of a specific field?
  • What tests should I take to be admitted?
  • Which course will best prepare me for a successful career?

All of these inquiries have to do with the same issue, which is choosing a course to take after class 12.

The following advice can help a student decide which course is best for them.

  1.  Setting an objective: Prior to choosing the best path for you, you must decide what your life’s purpose is. However, choosing your goal in a single day is difficult, so you should consider all the options that, in your opinion, can serve as your goal.
  2. Take your interests into account: The most crucial step is to consider your interests before beginning anything, as doing something for the sake of doing it will not be fruitful if you have no interest in that particular field. When pursuing your interests, stay true to yourself.
  1.  After finding your top interests, narrow down your top career options by 10-15. You may also select topics that you haven’t covered in class.
  2. Create another shortlist: Create another list of the top 10 to 15 career options by outlining the advantages and disadvantages of the chosen courses.

This procedure will assist you in narrowing your options to four to five potential career paths, from which you can choose the best one to pursue after your 12th-grade year.

Courses available to students majoring in the arts after the 12th grade

There are many career options available to students with an art background. The career options for students who studied arts in classes 11 and 12 include BA, BA(H), BA LLB, BFA, BJMC, BBA, BMS, etc.

The top courses that students in the arts can pursue after high school are listed in the list below.

Popular courses after 12th Arts
BA in Humanities & Social Sciences
BA in Arts (Fine/Visual/Performing)
Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA)
B.Des in Animation
B.Des in Design
B.Sc in Hospitality & Travel
B.Sc in Design
Bachelor of Journalism & Mass Communication (BJMC)
BHM in Hospitality & Travel
Bachelor of Journalism (BJ)
Bachelor of Mass Media (BMM)
BA in Hospitality & Travel
BA in Animation
Diploma in Education (D.Ed)

Although art students can enroll in courses for science and commerce students, we do not believe that this is the best course of action because the courses for science and commerce students are more challenging than those for art students.

In the majority of colleges, there are no entrance exams for admission to bachelor’s degree programs. However, a lot of schools for law, journalism, design, and hospitality offer admission based on entrance exams.

Exams to take after high school to continue in the arts

The entrance examinations for arts programs following the 12th grade are listed below.

Stream Specific ExamsTop Exams After Class 12th
Law entrance examsCLAT, AILET, LSAT
Design entrance examsNID Entrance Exam, NIFT Entrance Exam
Hospitality entrance examsNCHMCT JEE
Mass. Comm entrance examsIIMC Entrance Exam, JMI Entrance Exam, XIC- OET
Humanities entrance examsJNUEE, DUET, PUBDET

Courses for Science students after Class 12

The most popular courses for science students with math as a core subject for those who studied science and math together in classes eleven and twelve are

  • BSc 
  • Integrated  BTech and MTech
  • BTech/BE
  • BCA
  • BArch

In addition to being able to enter the national defense academy, students with a science stream in class 12 can pursue a career as a commercial pilot in the aviation industry (NDA).

The most popular courses for science students who have biology as a core subject area for those who studied science with Biology (PCB/PCBM) are in classes 11 and 12.

  • BDS
  • Paramedical
  • Nursing
  • MBBS
  • BPharma

The table below lists all of the career options available to science majors after the 12th grade.

Popular courses after 12th Science
Bachelor of Architecture (BArch)
B.Sc (Science)
BCA (IT & Software)
B.Sc (IT & Software)
B.Sc Science (Non-Math subjects)
B.Sc Post Basic Nursing
Bachelor of Pharmacy (B.Pharma)

When it comes to career options, it is said that science majors have unlimited options. Students can choose from these courses as well.

  • BHM
  • B DES
  • BJMC
  • BFIA
  • BBE
  • BMS
  • BBA
  • BA. LLB

Entrance exams for post-secondary science programs

The table below lists every entrance exam a science student can take to be admitted to science courses.

Stream Specific Entrance ExamsTop Exams
Engineering Entrance ExamsJEE Main, JEE Advanced
Medical Entrance ExamsNEET UG, NEET PG, AIIMS MBBS
Science Entrance ExamsNEST, IIT JAM, JEST

Courses for Commerce Students after Class 12

(using math/not using math) The most popular courses for students in classes 11 and 12 are as follows:

Popular courses after 12th Commerce
B.Com (Hons)
B.Com (General)
B.Com in Accounting and Commerce
BCA (IT and Software)
Chartered Accountancy (CA)
Company Secretary (CS)

Students studying commerce can enroll in courses that are also available to artists.

stat, BJMC, BBA LLB, BCA, BHM, and other options are available to those with a background in commerce.

Entrance tests for courses in commerce

The table below shows the entrance exam for commerce courses following the 12th grade:

Stream Specific ExamsTop Exams
Accounting & Commerce entrance examsICWAI, ICSI, ICAI


Question: What should I do after 12th grade?

Answer: After graduating from high school, students have primarily two options: either they can pursue a bachelor’s degree or a diploma. It is entirely up to them what they want to do.

Question: Which course should you take after your 12th-grade year? 

Answer:       Engineering for non-medical students (B.Tech, B.E., B.Sc)

                    MBBS, BDS, and pharmacy for medical students

                    For students majoring in art: BA, BFA, BA-LLB, BCA, BHM

                     BBA,, and BMS for students of commerce

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