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B.ED colleges in Delhi

Top B.ED Colleges in Delhi 2022 – List of Top B. ED Colleges In Noida, Mumbai – Syllabus , Entrance Exam , Eligibility, Admission Process.

Teaching is always considered one of the most prestigious and respectful jobs, that’s why most students want to opt for this career, to become a teacher you should have certain qualifications, no matter what kind of teacher you want to become.

There are several jobs in this field, in both public and private institutions, thus it can also be considered a safe field, because of the availability of jobs. Earlier it was considered a job for women but now the trends are changing as men candidates also consider this field as a job option.

B.ED Degree is one of the primary requirements if a person wants to become a teacher, so here we bring to you a best B.ED colleges in Delhi, Mumbai, Noida and everything you need to know before starting your career as a full time teacher.

B.ED(All you need to know)

The full form of B.ED is a Bachelor’s of Education; this degree is taken so that an individual can become eligible to take a job as a teacher. The interesting thing about B.ED is its name consists bachelor’s, but it is not an undergraduate degree, an individual becomes eligible to pursue this course once he or she has completed an undergraduate degree. Thus, we can say that B.ED, is a professional course like C.A., after completing a B.ED degree, a student becomes eligible to get a job as a primary or secondary school teacher. Now the question arises of what we have to do, to become a senior secondary teacher? , the answer is simple you just have to complete your master’s degree before completing your B.ED. Now let’s move ahead and discuss some other things you must know about B.ED.

B.ED Eligibility Criteria:

There are two criteria which make a candidate eligible for B.ED, we can say that an individual is fit for completing a B.ED course if he or she is meeting these eligibility criteria.

Education Qualification:

The primary education qualification requirement for pursuing B.ED is that one should have completed his or her graduation in any stream. But some colleges have criteria that an individual must have graduated with at least 50% Aggregate marks at the UG level.

Age limit:

Since it is a course one can pursue after graduation, some colleges have kept a minimum age limit to more than 19 years, but the majority of colleges don’t have any age bar i.e., you can pursue B.ED whenever you want after you have completed a Graduation. Age criteria is different for all colleges like B.ED colleges in Delhi , Mumbai and all other offer different age criteria.

B.ED Admission Process:

Since teachers are responsible for grooming our future thus, rarely does any college admit candidates for B.ED without taking an entrance test, which means any candidate who wants to become a teacher needs to prepare for an entrance test. All entrance tests consist of three sections, they test you on three grounds language knowledge, domain knowledge and reasoning aptitude. Entrance exams you can consider taking are:


As far as entrance exams are concerned, candidates have to give other entrance exams too if they want to become a teacher in government schools after they have completed B.ED, the most popular exam for getting a government teacher job is CTET( Central Teacher Eligibility Test).

B.ED Skillset Required

Since you are going to become a teacher after completing this course so, it is an understood fact that there must be some skills that you are good with but, no college asks for these pre-acquired skills. But, having some aptitude for these below-mentioned skills is necessary to become a good teacher.

Some skills required for becoming a good Teacher are:

  1. Communication skills
  2. Patience
  3. Confidence
  4. Good with managing kids
  5. Critical thinking

B.ED Syllabus

Since the teachers have to deal with diverse children which come from different religious, social, economic and linguistic backgrounds. Thus, B.ED candidates must be acquainted with different skills required to deal with children. Teachers must know how the learning process works and the different learning patterns which every child inherits. A teacher is also responsible to create an atmosphere in class which is suitable for learning. Some topics which are taught in the curriculum of B.ED are:

Childhood and Growing UpContemporary India and Education
Learning and TeachingLanguage across the Curriculum
Understanding Discipline and SubjectGender, School and Society
Pedagogy of a School SubjectReading and Reflecting on Texts
Drama and Art in EducationCritical Understanding of ICT
Knowledge and CurriculumAssessment for Learning
Creating an Inclusive SchoolHealth, Yoga and Physical Education
Curriculum Of B.ED

B.ED Job Profiles

After completing B.ED there are numerous job opportunities for candidates, not only in the private sector but also in the government sector, most of you must be assuming that you can become just a teacher but there are other jobs also available for personnel with a B.ED degree, such as education counsellors, content writer and Researcher. These jobs are available only in the private sector, in the government sector job profiles are somewhat restricted to teaching jobs themselves. You can also become an assistant professor after giving the NET(National Eligibility Test) then you have to complete your PhD to become a professor.

Top 7 B.ED Colleges in Delhi

Here we bring to you some of the best B.ED colleges in Delhi, while deciding on the list of colleges we have kept three criteria in our mind i.e., the reputation of the college, fees and its specialisation.

The top 5 colleges in Delhi for B.ED are:

Lady Sri Ram College For Women(DU)CUETINR 20,000-25,000
Kasturi Ram College Of Higher Education(IPU)IPU CETINR 70,000-80,000
Jamia Millia Islamia UniversityJMI Entrance examINR 6,000-10,000
Kamal Institute of Higher Education & Advanced TechnologyIPU CETINR 45,000-50,000
Lady Irwin College(DU)CUETINR 20,000-22,000
Amity Institute of EducationIPU CETINR 70,000-75,000
Guru Nanak College of EducationIPU CETINR 10,000-15,000

Top 4 B.ED college in Noida

The same criteria were kept in mind while finding the best B.ED colleges in Noida, here are some of the best colleges in Noida

Amity University NoidaINR 80,000-85,000
Hierank Business SchoolUP B. ED JEEINR 50,000-1,00,000
Amity Institute of Behavioural and Applied ScienceINR 1,00,000-1,20,000
Chet Ram Sharma College of EducationUP B. ED JEEINR 80,000-85,000

Top 4 B.ED Colleges in Mumbai

Here we bring to you the list of best B.ED colleges in Mumbai:

Bombay Teacher Training collegeMAH B. ED CETINR 12,000- 15,000
Aisha bai College of EducationINR 60,000-65,000
K.J Somaiya CollegeMAH B. EDINR 1,40,000-1,50,000
Gandhi Shikshan Bhavan’s Smt Surajba College of EducationINR 15,000-25,000


Q. What is B.ED?

A. B.ED is a professional degree, that one pursue so that he or she can become eligible for becoming a teacher.

Q. What is the age limit for B.ED?

A. there is no specific age limit to pursue B.ED, but some colleges have kept the minimum age limit to more than 19 years.

Q. What is the duration of the B.ED course?

A. most colleges have a duration of two years for a B.ED degree, but some colleges even offer a B.ED degree after one year.

Q. Can I pursue B.ED after passing Class 12?

A. Student can pursue D.EL.ED / JBT after passing class 12.

Q. Can I get a teaching job without a B.ED?

A. Most schools do not hire candidates without a B.ED degree.

Q. What is the salary after passing B.ED?

A. you can expect a salary between 3-4 lakhs per Annum after passing B.ED.

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